Ragnheid Skogseth

Researcher, Physical oceanography


Ragnheid Skogseth works as an associate professor in physical oceanography at the University Centre in Svalbard where she is studying the interaction between ocean, sea ice, and atmosphere around Svalbard. Her research area started with sea ice formation and polynya dynamics in Storfjorden on the eastern side of Svalbard, where large amount of sea ice is formed each winter creating the densest seawater in the world. Later her research has been more on the current system around Svalbard and how the warm and saline West Spitsbergen Current can penetrate the shelf and fjords along the west coast of Spitsbergen affecting the sea ice formation there. In the Nansen Legacy, she study the variability in distribution and circulation of Arctic and Atlantic water masses in the Northwestern Barents Sea and how these are linked to the variability in sea ice cover.

RF1 – Physical drivers

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