Published Data


Luke Marsden
Data Manager
Norwegian Meteorological Institute

All published Nansen Legacy data should be available via the SIOS data access portal. This is a searchable catalogue of data that aims to make all data collected in or around Svalbard available in one place, regardless of which data centre they are published to. One can search for data based on the type of data, the time they were collected, where they were collected, who collected them and more. It provides links to where data are stored in their data centre.

So how much data have we published? Take a look using the SIOS data access portal below!

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CTD data

CTD section obtained from the SBE sensors. Upper panels are for Conservative Temperature and lower panels are Absolute Salinity. White contours are 0 and the black contour are the 0C for reference. Ticks at the top of each figure mark stations locations with station names indicated. Note that the upper 15 meters are left out since the CTD was lowered through the moonpool.

Chlorophyll A data

Biodiversity data

Depth-integrated (0-90m) standing stocks of chlorophyll a and the four major protist groups from the main AeN seasonal/joint cruises, by Lucie Goraguer
Abundance (ind m-2) and biomass (mg m-2) of all mesozooplankton taxa collected with Multinet 64 µm and 180 µm at all stations (P1-P7) in March (Q1), May (Q2), July (JC2-1), August (Q3) and December (Q4), by Anette Wold

Nutrients data