Mooring service cruise 2019​

Arild Sundfjord
Chief scientist
Norwegian Polar Institute

Angelika Renner
Co-chief scientist
Institute of Marine Research

The cruise was a joint campaign of the Nansen Legacy and A-TWAIN/SIOS-InfraNor projects. Within the Nansen Legacy, the cruise contributed primarily to the work package ‘Physical Drivers’ (Research Foci 1) but also to Research Foci 2 and 3. The main objective of the cruise was the recovery and deployment of the projects’ moorings in the Barents Sea and north of Svalbard.

The cruise successfully recovered and re-deployed the Nansen Legacy moorings M1, M2, M3 and M4 in the Barents Sea. Mooring work continued on the A-TWAIN transect at 31˚E. Further moorings were recovered at 24˚E, 22˚E and 18˚E, as well as deployed at 22˚E, for the main projects and for international project partners. Additionally, CTD stations with water sampling were made for both projects, and a Seaglider was deployed for the Nansen Legacy.

 12.- 27. November 2019

 Northwestern Barents Sea, slope Nansen Basin