Early career scientists

Erin Kunisch
Scientific advisor
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

A major goal of the Nansen Legacy is to train a new generation of Arctic scientists in a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional way, giving the highly needed crossover competence to face and cope with the challenges of a rapidly changing Arctic.

The project has dedicated funding for over 50 recruitment positions (PhD and postdoctoral fellows). In addition, Master students and undergraduates, as well as PhD students and postdocs with other funding are associated with the project.  Together these early career scientists form a strong community within the project, carrying much of the research conducted in the project. In total, the project has trained nearly 100 young researchers.

The Nansen Legacy supports its early career scientists by cross-institutional supervision and mentoring, as well as dedicated intensive courses where topics of cross-disciplinary interest are addressed. In addition, webinar series serve as a low-key platform for exchange of knowledge and discussion, while the annual Recruit Forum offers a physical meeting place for networking and knowledge transfer.