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Recent publications

Nascimento MC, Husson B, Guillet L, Pedersen T (2023) Modelling the spatial shifts of functional groups in the Barents Sea using a climate-driven spatial food web model. Ecological Modelling 481: 110358.

Kohlbach D, Goraguer L, Bodur YV, Müller O, and others (2023) Earlier sea-ice melt extends the oligotrophic summer period in the Barents Sea with low algal biomass and associated low vertical flux. Progress in Oceanography 213: 103018.

Herrmannsdörfer L, Müller M, Shupe MD, Rostosky P (2023) Surface temperature comparison of the Arctic winter MOSAiC observations, ERA5 reanalysis, and MODIS satellite retrieval. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 11(1): 0008.

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