Kommende aktiviteter

  • Darwin Core data workshop 20 sep 2022 – 22 sep 2022
  • Tokt med polarfrontstudier 28 sep 2022 – 13 okt 2022
  • Servicetokt for langtidsobservatorier 3 okt 2022 – 13 okt 2022

Recent publications

Borgå K, McKinney MA, Routti H, Fernie KJ, Giebichenstein J, Hallanger I, Muir DCG (2022) The influence of global climate change on accumulation and toxicity of persistent organic pollutants and chemicals of emerging concern in Arctic food webs. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts n/a

Yang R, Utne IB (2022) Towards an online risk model for autonomous marine systems (AMS). Ocean Engineering 251: 111100

Koenig Z, Meyer A, Provost C, Sennéchael N, Sundfjord A, Gascard J-C Atlantic Water circulation and properties northwest of Svalbard during anomalous southerly winds. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans n/a: e2021JC018357

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