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Recent publications

Anglada-Ortiz G, Meilland J, Ziveri P, Chierici M, Fransson A, Jones E, Rasmussen TL (2023) Seasonality of marine calcifiers in the northern Barents Sea: Spatiotemporal distribution of planktonic foraminifers and shelled pteropods and their contribution to carbon dynamics. Progress in Oceanography218, 103121.

Polyakov IV, Ingvaldsen RB, Pnyushkov AV, Bhatt US, Francis JA, Janout M, Kwok R, Skagseth Ø (2023) Fluctuating Atlantic inflows modulate Arctic atlantification Science 381 (6661): 972-979

Ziegler AF, Bluhm BA, Renaud PE, Jørgensen LL (2023) Weak seasonality in benthic food web structure within the Arctic inflow shelf region. Progress in Oceanography 103109

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