Project board​

Marit Reigstad
Nansen Legacy PI
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

The Nansen Legacy project is a unique collaborative effort and large investment not only on the scientific- but also on the institutional level for the ten participating institutions. The Nansen Legacy Board consists of appointed members from all ten consortium institutions. The board governs the project’s strategic plans, economy  and addresses issues of relevance for the consortium.

Camilla Brekke
Maria FossheimIMRvice-chair
Nils Chr. Stenseth UiOvice-chair
Anita EvensetAPN 
Lars-Anders Breivik MET 
Johnny Johannessen NERSC 
Nalan Koc NPI 
Sverre SteenNTNU 
Øyvind FiksenUiB 
Stephen CoulsonUNIS 
Rolf RødvenArctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) 
Christine GawinskiEarly career – UiT 
Jolynn Carroll APNsubstitute
Geir Lasse Taranger IMRsubstitute
Jørn Kristiansen METsubstitute
Annette Samuelsen NERSCsubstitute
Harald Steen NPIsubstitute
Kjetil RasmussenNTNUsubstitute
Ørjan Totland UiBsubstitute
Bernd EtzelmüllerUiOsubstitute
Jørgen BergeUiTsubstitute
Dag Lorentzen UNISsubstitute
Øyvind Rinaldo Norwegian Coastal Administrationsubstitute
Khuong Van DinhEarly career – UiOsubstitute