MSc / PhD theses

Lena Seuthe
Scientific advisor
UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Hasselø Kline, S. (2021). A tale of six diatoms: an insight into the taxonomy of Arctic diatoms from different
sea-ice communities and their physiological response to climate change. Master thesis, University of Oslo

Lefevere, S. P. (2021). Natural variability of the Atlantic Water inflow to the Arctic during the
last deglaciation based on sediment grain size and foraminiferal stable isotope geochemistry. Master thesis, University of Bergen

Liltved, A. A. (2021). Abrupt deglacial changes in the properties of the Atlantic Water entering the Arctic. Master thesis, University of Bergen

Lunde, M. (2021). The role of Arctic shelves in the global carbon cycling assessed using stable isotope geochemistry of Arctic and sub-Arctic pore waters. Master thesis, University of Bergen

Skaugset, M. (2021). Using Monte Carlo simulations to evaluate adaptive sampling strategies in synthetic and real ocean models. Master thesis, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Dürr Libæk, A. (2020). Tidal forcing and internal tide energetics around Svalbard: a numerical study. Master thesis, University of Bergen

Gopakumar, A. (2020). Mercury accumulation in fishes from North-East and North-West Barents Sea during the polar night. Master thesis, University of Oslo

Strolpe, L. (2020) Spawning during an oil spill – How exposure to the water-accommodated fraction of crude oil may disrupt polar cod (Boreogadussaida) reproduction. Master thesis, University of Bergen.