Recruit Forum

Erin Kunisch
Scientific advisor
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

The Nansen Legacy supports its early career scientists in forming a strong and supportive community within the project by offering the annual Recruit Forum as a meeting place. This forum allows the recruits to set their own agenda, discuss topics of importance, and offer extra training on topics of relevance.

Group picture young scientists

Recruit Forum 2018
The first gathering of the Nansen Legacy early career scientists took place in Bergen in November 2018. At that point, the project had employed 19 early career scientists, and the Recruit Forum offered the first physical meeting place for these new project members.

Group picture young scientists

Recruit Forum 2019
By October 2019, the Nansen Legacy had employed 45 early career scientists, who met for a two days Recruit Forum in Oslo. The meeting was used for getting to know each others work through short scientific Pecha Kucha presentations and poster sessions, as well as discussions on Open Science and Plan S. A visit to the Fram museum highlightened the spirit and tradition the project inherits from the first Fram expedition.

Recruit Forum 2020
By fall 2020, the Nansen Legacy had become home to over 70 early career scientists.  A two-day long recruit meeting was planned to take place in Trondheim. Due to COVID-19 this in-person meeting had unfortunately to be postponed.

Recruit Forum 2021
In October 2021, Nansen Legacy early career scientists were finally able to meet in person again. Following the project’s annual meeting in Trondheim, 50 young researchers spent one day discussing own career design and writing habits.