Nansen Legacy Reference Group

Trude Borch
Trude Borch

Paul Renaud
Paul E. Renaud

The aim of the Reference Group is to inform the Nansen Legacy project about societal knowledge needs and to increase dissemination and uptake of the results from the Nansen Legacy project. The Nansen Legacy Reference Group has eight members from industry associations and government institutions.

The communication with the Reference Group includes:
• Reference Group members participate in the Nansen Legacy annual meetings
• Dialogue meetings with the Reference Group and scientists in the Nansen Legacy project
• Scenario workshops on possible future scenarios and societal preparedness 
• Dialogue meetings with individual Reference Group members
• Information about the Nansen Legacy project in emails and newsletters

Reference Group Members




Norwegian Environment Agency

Eva Degré

Section leader marine

County Governor of Troms/Finnmark

Lisa B. Helgason

Director Environment Department


Rolf Rødven

Executive Secretary

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Stig-Morten Knutsen 

Chief Geologist

Norwegian Coastal Administration

Øyvind Rinaldo

Section manager Analytics and Statistics


Alan Haynie

General Secretary

Biotech North

Line Kjelstrup

Cluster Manager