Data management training and support

Tove Gabrielsen
RA-B leader
University of Agder/ The University Centre in Svalbard

Øystein Godøy
RA-B co-leader
The Norwegian Meteorological Institute / SIOS KC

Luke Marsden
Data manager
The Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Relevant reports

Here you will find all the available data management training and support materials. If you would like to see anything else made available, please contact

YouTube channel

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Data management training and support videos created by Luke Marsden of the Nansen Legacy project.

This channel includes short video explanations and tutorials on a range of data management topics. A sample of the videos are shown below.

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Data publishing

Excel template generator

Create Excel templates that make it easier to create Darwin Core Archives or CF-NetCDF files

Labelling samples


Git and GitHub

General data management training

Useful links

Contributing data centres