Upcoming events

  • Winter cruise shelf-basin region 10 Feb 2022 – 3 Mar 2022

Recent publications

Müller O, Seuthe L, Pree B, Bratbak G, Larsen A, Paulsen ML (2021) How microbial food web interactions shape the Arctic Ocean bacterial community revealed by size fractionation experiments. Microorganisms 9: 2378

Ingvaldsen RB, Assmann KM, Primicerio R, Fossheim M, Polyakov IV, Dolgov AV (2021) Physical manifestations and ecological implications of Arctic Atlantification. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment.

Ellingsen PG, Ferrighi L, Godøy Ø, Gabrielsen TM (2021) Keeping track of samples in multidisciplinary fieldwork. Data Science Journal 20(1):34.

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