Integrating results to new and useful knowledge

This autumn Nansen Legacy members are organizing several workshops to strengthen the collaboration across approaches and disciplines. Some workshops also involve key scientists outside the Nansen Legacy project. The workshops prepare synthesis papers and data files which will become available on the website upon publication.

In late August the synthesis team for “Barents Sea 2050” gathered in Bergen at the Institute of Marine Research to kickstart a manuscript on what the Future Barents Sea will face based on model predictions, experimental results and the researchers competence. The workshop was highly successful and productive, and work will now continue to make sure that a first draft is in place before the Nansen Legacy symposium in the beginning of November. The team consisted of marine biochemist Filippa Fransner, climate dynamists Jakob Dörr, and physical oceanographer and leader of research foci “The Future Barents Sea” Marius Årthun (all three UiB), ecosystem modeler and co-leader of “The Future Barents Sea” research foci Morten Skogen and fisheries ecologist Ina Nilsen (both IMR), ecological modeler Nicolas Dupont and marine ecotoxicologist Khuong van Dinh (both UiO), and marine ecologist Paul Renaud (Akvaplan niva). The team consisted of both senior researchers and early careers scientists with current Nansen Legacy members and alumni.

Upcoming workshops

Later this month, on the 21st and 22nd of September, our data manager Luke Marsden (MET), will organize a Darwin Core Archive workshop together with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility in Oslo. There are still spaces available for this workshop so if you are interested contact Luke at

On October 16-18, our ice algae and productivity expert Rolf Gradinger (UiT), will organize the workshop Estimating annual production of different trophic levels in the Barents Sea in Tromsø

Following the International symposium “Towards a new Arctic Ocean” in Tromsø, from 6-9 November, three workshops will take place in different locations in the Tromsø area. Data manager Luke Marsden is organizing another workshop, on 9-10 November, focusing on creating and publishing CF-NetCDF files. Also for this workshop there are still spaces available. Contact Luke ( for more information. Expert on ocean optics Mats Granskog (NPI) and biologist and technology enthusiast Geir Johnsen (NTNU) are organizing an Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging workshop from 9-11 November. It is possible to be on the waiting list for this workshop. If you are interested contact Mats at Expert on benthic communities and life Bodil Bluhm(UiT) will organize a workshop on Benthic biodiversity and carbon cycling from 9-10 November.

We wish everyone nice and successful workshops and we are looking forward to the papers, data files and useful knowledge that will come out of these collaborations.

A “stemningsrapport” from the Synthesis workshop in Bergen. Photo by Marius Årthun.
A “stemningsrapport” from the Synthesis workshop in Bergen. Photo by Marius Årthun.