Agneta Fransson represented Nansen Legacy on SAS

Agneta Fransson (Norsk Polarinstitutt) participated in the workshop of the international initiative Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS) at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, USA, for pan-Arctic collaboration between Norway and participating countries such as Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Denmark.
Agneta Fransson
Agneta represented the Nansen Legacy project and as the cruise leader on the Arctic Basin cruise.
Agneta presented Arctic Ocean data and results on ocean acidification, chemical, physical and biological oceanography, from two Norwegian cruise contributions that successfully took place in 2021; the Nansen Legacy Arctic Basin 2021 cruise nansenlegacy, and the Fram Strait 2021.
“Great discussions and plans for several synthesis papers were outcomes from the SAS workshop, more to come.” Agneta says.
Agneta Fransson

Agneta Fransson respresented Nansen Legacy at the SAS Workshop in USA. 

All photos by Melissa Chierici