We have now reached 160 publications

Last year we hit the 100-publication mark (2018-2022), and only one year late we have 60 more! Our scientists are productive, and the results are pouring into the project.

Scientist working together
Very rarely they seem to sit alone and work on their studies, as only 2.5 % of the articles were written by a single author. Most of the articles (61 %) were a cooperation between two or more Nansen Legacy consortium partners, and 20 % of the studies were conducted together with national colleagues outside the consortium (e.g., with NORCE, SINTEF). Moreover, most of the publications (59 %) were conducted in collaborations with international colleagues from 30 different countries (among others Germany, USA, UK, Canada, but also Egypt and Pakistan). 

The 160 Nansen Legacy publications have been published in over 50 different journals.

Around 36 % of the 105 articles were published in open access journals, but actually awesome 84 % of the articles are available as open access publications.

Many observational and modelling studies focus on the physical and chemical oceanography, sea ice dynamics, marine ecology, and ecotoxicology in the Nansen Legacy focus area, the northern Barents Sea, and contribute to the knowledge base for future sustainable management of activities in the region. In addition, Nansen Legacy scientists have published various advances in the use of underwater or air-borne technology and their use in marine sciences. Studies on geological topics as well as new findings in the field of data management are less common, but they provide important complementary findings in the project.


Are you interested in learning more? Please find the complete list of all Nansen Legacy publications here: https://arvenetternansen.com/peer-reviewed-publications/