Side event at the Arctic Frontiers conference

Arctic Frontiers takes place 30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023 in Tromsø and Nansen Legacy scientists and reference group members are organizing a side event on changing sea ice conditions and its implications.
Changing sea ice conditions in the northern Barents Sea – implications for maritime activities

09:00 – 10:30 Tuesday, 31st January, 2023
Type Side Event: In-Person Only
Chairs Akvaplan-niva Norway, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway Tromsø

Session Description
All sea ice trend maps show sea ice reductions and retreat to the north. The Barents Sea ice stands out as a region where the sea ice reduction is strongest.

But do trends show the full picture – and do they necessarily make the Barents Sea accessible for increased maritime activity? Maritime authorities and researchers meet to discuss challenges for the maritime sector and the realities in sea ice changes in the northern Barents Sea.

Key notes/ panel participants:

  • Welcome by Marit Reigstad (UiT)
  • Morten Mejlænder-Larsen (DNV): Information needs for planned activities in the seasonally ice-covered Barents Sea
  • Øyvind Rinaldo (The Norwegian Coastal Administration): Risk assessments and knowledge gaps
  • Angelika Renner (IMR): Maritime activity around Svalbard and the variable sea ice cover – are we
  • Øyvind Lundesgaard (NPI): New observational methods – upward looking ADCP for sea ice monitoring
  • Evangelia Efstahiou (UiB): Predictability and reorganisation patterns of Barents Sea sea ice
  • Malin Johansson (UiT): Detection of oil spill from satellites in ice covered regions

How can we use present knowledge on sea ice conditions and dynamics to improve safety and minimize risks for maritime actors and ecosystems in a seasonally ice covered shelf sea. 

Moderator: Lars-Anders Breivik (MET)