First meeting after covid lock down

After two years of digital meetings the board at Nansen Legacy finally could meet in person at the Nansen Legacy board meeting in Tromsø today.

New from the project: The board has been expanded with two representatives to include user groups and younger researchers from the project. After some changes during the last year, there were also several representatives from various institutions who met in person for the first time within a board context.

The project is now entering its final two years and is now turning its focus from gathering data and samples to collating results from the project. But the focus is also to maintain both researcher and institution levels’ good work that we have built up during the project period.

“This research project is with no doubt very successful. The project delivers world-class research, where the situation in the northern part of the Barents Sea is highlighted through solid interdisciplinary collaboration. It is particularly important to note that a younger researcher brought up within the project is now leaving with new knowledge. This is the next generation of polar researchers, and the board of Nansen Legacy is particularly eager that Norway should invest strategically in this group from now on” Says Camilla Brekke, head of the board.

The Nansen Legacy is a unique project in a national context due to its size and academic interdisciplinary. 230 researchers from ten different institutions collaborate to understand how changes in climate and human activity affect Arctic ecosystems in the Barents Sea.

Styret Arven etter Nansen 2022 - møte i Tromsø

The board in Nansen Legacy:  Camilla Brekke (UiT, styreleiar), Maria Fossheim (HI), Nils Chr. Stenseth (UiO,), Nalan Koc (NPI), Sverre Steen (NTNU), Lars Anders Breivik (MET), Annette Samuelsen (Nansensenteret, vara), Anita Evenset (Akvaplan-niva), Øyvind Fiksen (UiB), Rolf Rødven (AMAP), Christine Gawinski (UiT, PhD student).  Marit Reigstad (UiT, Project leader) and Stephen Coulson (UNIS) is not in the picture.