Nansen Legacy at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2022

The Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2022 took place in Tromsø 26 March to 1 April 2022 and scientists from the Nansen Legacy contributed in various ways.

The Arctic Science Summit Week organized by IASC (International Arctic Science Committee) was arranged for the first time in Tromsø in 1999, and in 2022 the conference was finally back in the North. It was co-hosted by UiT The Arctic University of Norway, the Norwegian Polar Institute, and the Norwegian Research Council. Several Nansen Legacy researchers contributed to various activities throughout the summit.  

On Monday, Nansen Legacy early career scientists Julia Giebichenstein (UiO), Chrissie Gawinski (UiT), and Robynne Nowicki (UNIS) shared their outreach experience in the workshop on science communication organized by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS). In addition, Nansen Legacy scientist Arild Sundfjord (NPI) lead a discussion session together with Marit Reigstad (UiT) on integration of and increased observations in the Atlantic sector of the Arctic Ocean, inspired by the Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) system. This area is well known to many Nansen Legacy scientists and members of the Scientific Advisory Board, and several shared insights from the project valuable for establishing the observational system.

Ingrid Wiedmann, Marit Reigstad and Miriam Marquardt (UiT) at the Nansen Legacy stand. Photo by Estelle Coguiec

On Tuesday, the science day on Arctic Remote Sensing and Remote Sensing Techniques took place. It was organized under the lead of Sebastian Gerland (NPI, co-PI Nansen Legacy) who acted as chair of the Science Day Committee. Nansen Legacy postdoctoral fellow Katalin Blix (UiT) contributed to the program with a keynote talk about “Satellite remote sensing over ocean surfaces in the Arctic”.

On Wednesday, the Research Council of Norway organized a session on Horizon Europe, communication and collaboration in polar research. Nansen Legacy PI Marit Reigstad (UiT) shared experiences from the Nansen Legacy as a national network.

On Thursday, Nansen Legacy scientist Agneta Fransson (NPI) gave an update on the Nansen Legacy activities during the Arctic Basin cruise, as contribution to the Synoptic Arctic Survey in September 2021 (more details here -> ) at the session “The Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS) – Update”.

And throughout the whole week, Nansen Legacy technician Miriam Marquardt (UiT) und postdoctoral fellow Marcela Conceicao do Nascimento (UiT) supported the conference organization committee as volunteers and a stand in the poster area informed about the work conducted in the Nansen Legacy.

Thanks a lot, everybody (also those we might have forgotten to mention here), for representing and/or promoting science from the Nansen Legacy at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2022 in Tromsø.

Early career scientists Julia Giebichenstein (UiO) and Chrissie Gawinski (UiT) explaining social media communication in the Nansen Legacy at the APECS workshop. Photo:  Christiane Hübner, SIOS