Good News from the Data Management

In a big project as Nansen Legacy a lot of samples are collect and even more data are produced. Good data management is therefore highly important. Only when data are archived in a good way, they can be made available to all project participants, shared with other scientists, and preserved for the next generation of researchers.

Recently, the Nansen Legacy reached one of its important goals in data management: many data sets of hydrographical data (temperature, salinity, and other parameters) collected during the Nansen Legacy expeditions have now been published by the Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMDC).

These data are now available as NetCDF files (1 file per cruise, see links below) and we would like to the many people who contributed to collecting and providing these data!

June 2018 Ocean Mixing Process Study

August 2018 Joint Cruise 1-2

September 2018 Physical Process Cruise    

September 2018  Palaeontology cruise        

May 2019 Technology Test Cruise    

August 2019 Seasonal Cruise Q3           

November 2019 Mooring Service Cruise   

November 2019 Seasonal Cruise Q4           

October 2020 Mooring Service & Physical Process Cruise                      

March 2021 Seasonal Cruise Q1           

April 2021 Seasonal Cruise Q2           

July 2021 Joint Cruise 2-1        

August 2021 Arctic Basin Joint Cruise 2-2