Nansen Legacy Recruit Forum 2021

The Nansen Legacy is home to more than 70 early career scientists. These young and dynamic researchers are a core element of the project, and present the next generation of Arctic researchers, consultants, policy makers, teachers, communicators, or other resources in society. Hence, the Nansen Legacy thrives to support its early career scientists in forming a strong and supporting network. The annual Nansen Recruit Forum is an essential element in this work.

This year’s Recruit Forum took place in Trondheim right after the project’s annual meeting and was attended by 50 of the Nansen Legacy early career scientists. After one- and-a-half years of COVID-19 induced safety measures, it was a great pleasure to be able to meet in person – for some of the recruits for the first time.

The Recruit Forum started out with a relaxing pizza-and-beer-evening to gather some energy after the intense days of the annual meeting and offered then a varied program. Linda Jensen from Karriereløft met the recruits and introduced methods of career design thinking. In this way, she aimed to make the early career fellows more confident about their skills and help them reflecting on their post-Nansen Legacy career path. Åsne Ø. Høgetveit from the University Library at UiT The Arctic University of Norway followed up with a session on Writing habits and strategies and together with the recruits she gathered different good strategies to create a scaffold for effective writing, which will be implemented and followed up by different kinds of individually tailored writing webinars.

In a final session, project leader Marit Reigstad met the early career scientists to listen to their experience of being a part of a large national project such as the Nansen Legacy. Benefits and challenges were discussed, and strategies outlined on how sound education of young scientists can be ensured now and in the future. A big “thank you” to all recruits for their positive thoughts and the constructive feedback!

The project also wishes to express its gratitude to Elliot Sivel (IMR) and Natalie Summers (NTNU), who have served as chairs for the large group of early career scientists in the project. They have been instrumental in linking the younger researchers and the project office during the COVID-19 lockdown and have helped identifying topics of concern for the project’s early careers. Thanks for the work, and welcome to the newly elected recruits chairs Christine Gawinski (UiT) and Khuong van Dinh (UiO)!


The project also wishes to express its gratitude to Elliot Sivel , IMR (Photo: Private) and Natalie Summers, NTNU (Photo: Private) …

Elliot Sivel, Hi
Christine Gawinski, UIT. Photo Christian Morel/
Spectral-woman and Spectral-man: Natalie and Tristan (Fotos: Philipp Assmy)
Khoung Dinh

… and welcome to the newly elected recruits chairs Christine Gawinski, UiT (Photo: Christian Morel/ and Khuong van Dinh, UiO (Photo: Private)