Polar Pint of Science – a success!

After a long period of not being able to meet up and be together, people welcomed the possibilities to aquire knowledge and attend as an audience at a social event at their local pub. In four cities, 16 speakers participated with lectures about their research work in the Arctic Ocean.

You could join the scientists deep into the Arctic, ask them everything you always wanted to know about the top of the world, and in the end test your knowledge of all things Arctic with their polar quiz. This event was a collaboration between the recruits of Nansen Legacy and Pint of Science Norway.

Engaging and fun!
In Longyearbyen Robynne Nowicki, Cheshtaa Chitkara, Vanessa Pitusi and Victor Gonzalez Triginer (all UNIS) was in overall very happy for the event.

– Yes, it was a huge success! The audience was really engaged, and everyone seemed super happy, both speaker and participants alike! We had several people come up to us afterwards asking for more events like this, some even said they’d love to have it once a month! Said Nowicki.

She said it was a demand for this kind of outreach, and she thought it was awesome to see it all work out.

– I hope we can have another event like this next year too, she said.

Longyearbyen Pint of Science 2021
POS 2021 presentation

To the right: Robynne, Vanessa, Cheshtaa and Victor.  To the left: Cheshtaa presenting her science.  All pictures from Robynne Nowicki, UNIS. 

At last meeting people again!
In Tromsø Øyvind Lundesgaard (NPI), Christine Gawinski (UiT), Nadjejda Espinel (NPI), Griselda Anglada-Ortiz (UiT), Yasemin Bodur (UiT) and Amanda Ziegler (UiT) had the stage.

– It was a great evening in Tromsø! I loved talking Arctic Ocean acidification with a live audience after all the online events these past months! In addition, Algae Society delighted us with visual material from Arctic research, said Espinel.  

Griselda O pint of science 2021
Øyvind Lundesgaard presenting POS 2021

To the left: Griselda presenting “Popcorn of the sea”. Photo: Nadjejda Espinel. Picture to the right: Øyvind explains the Barents Sea. Photo: Lena Seuthe.

Questions and discussions
In Oslo Louise Steffensen Schmidt, Simon Hasselø Kline, Karoline Saubrekka, Nicolas Dupont and Julia Giebichenstein (all UiO) had set up for a night in the name of Arctic science. The audience was actively participating.

– Questions from the audience on the impact of the researchers on the Arctic ecosystem. Really good discussion from the panel of speakers as they have been asking the same question themselves, followed by the impact of tourism in the Arctic, should we ban it? Reported Thibaud Freyd on twitter from Pint of Science Norways account.

Group picture after, and to the left a discussion. Photos: Thibaud Freyd. 

Brought the instruments
In Bergen Elina Efstathiou (UiB), Stefan Thiele (UiB) and Heather Cannaby (IMR) even surprised their audience with bringing boxes containing instruments with them.

– The event in Bergen was great! We had around 80-90 people there, the bar was full, and the atmosphere was amazing! The bar manager told me that even the bar staff got interested in the science. There was a lot of interest and questions to our three speakers, and especially the pub quiz in the middle got people super engaged, told Jakob Simon Dörr (UiB).

POS 2021

Above, Elina presenting and to the left  Stefan gives his talk. Photos: Johanne Skrefsrud.

POS 2021

Good feedbacks and a happy audience

Overall, the event, quiz and lectures went very well, and the audience was happy.

– Stereo bar was buzzing tonight, fun on stage! Said Petra Kovacikova (Pint of Science Norway) through her Twitter account. She was in the audience in Bergen. In addition,  she loved the surprise!

– The boxes are full of the oceanography equipment, including the one Nansen used in his expedition! Loved it

POS 2021

A surprise in a box! Instruments! All photos: Petra Kovacikova