From Nansen Legacy science to useful knowledge for society


Organized by The Nansen Legacy

How can knowledge from a science project reach users and policy makers? And how can we increase the competence among scientists in order to provide the science results in a useful format for users and policy makers? This side event focuses on science results, knowledge needs and dialog on topics related to weather, ecosystems, ecotoxicology, the ice edge and future conditions in the Barents Sea.

Through short presentations from scientists and user groups, we aim for a dialog on important and relevant issues regarding the Barents Sea and the Arctic marine environment. The goal is to turn science results into powerful knowledge and build a more informed and closer interaction between scientists and policy makers.

The Nansen Legacy project is a joint effort from the Norwegian Arctic and marine science community to produce basic knowledge for society through a sustainable future Barents Sea. The focus is the changing climate and ecosystem in the northern Barents Sea region. A joint team of nearly 200 researchers across a broad spectre of natural science disciplines and across universities and research institutions have started the work, and invite to a dialog that can inform our work throughout the project.



  • Tor Eldevik, Bjerknes Center
  • Stig-Morten Knutsen, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  • Malte Müller, Norwegian Meteorological Institute 
  • Øyvind Rinaldo, Norwegian Coastal Administration
  • Leif Christian Stige, University of Oslo
  • Anne Christine Brussendorf, ICES
  • Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Norwegian Polar Institute
  • Rolf Rødven, AMAP


Date: 27/01/2020

Place: Clarion Hotel – The Edge


Time: 16:15 – 17:45 

Arctic Frontiers

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