Nansen Legacy strengthening synergies with MOSAiC

The Nansen Legacy is not operating alone in the Arctic. Strengthening collaboration with other Arctic research projects is therefore of great importance to the Nansen Legacy.

The Nansen Legacy will not be alone in the Arctic in 2019-2020. RV Polarstern will leave Tromsø in October 2019, sail to the Arctic Ocean where she will freeze into the ice north of the Laptev Sea to carry out the large MOSAiC campaign. The plan is to follow the Transpolar Drift towards the North Pole and on to the Fram Strait in the fall 2020. The focus of the MOSAiC campaign is in situ observations of the climate processes that couple the atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, bio-geochemistry and ecosystem and thus very much in line with the Nansen Legacy plans.

To ensure that The Nansen Legacy and MOSAiC obtain comparable and contiguous data, Legacy co-PI Sebastian Gerland (NPI) presented The Nansen Legacy at the MOSAiC Science Workshop in Postdam in May. Further, Legacy researchers Aud Larsen (UiB), Gunnar Bratbak (UiB) and Mats Granskog (NPI) attended the meeting to ensure largest possible coherence between sampling approaches and analysing method between the two projects.