Relevant news from the Arctic: Nations put science before fishing in the Arctic

The central Arctic is off-limits to commercial activites for the next 16 years, giving scientist the lead for better understanding an Arctic of environments in change.

Nine nations and the European Union have reached a deal to place the central Arctic Ocean (CAO) off-limits to commercial fishers for at least the next 16 years.

The pact, announced last week, will give scientist time to better understand the region’s marine ecology -and the effects of climate change- before receding sea ice opens the way to widespread fishing.

Enhancing the importance of a holistic approach, the Nansen Legacy will strongly contribute to this research initiative and knowledge building of the Arctic Ocean beyond the ice edge. The will especially be done during the research cruise in 2021 when the research area is prolonged further into the Arctic Basin. Thus, the projects other scientific explorations will also contribute with a strong foundation for a sustainable management in the north.