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  • NL mooring service cruise 12 Nov 2019 – 27 Nov 2019
  • NL seasonal cruise Q4 28 Nov 2019 – 17 Dec 2019

Recent publications

Borgå, Katrine. The Arctic ecosystem: A canary in the coal mine for global multiple stressorsEnvironmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Fossum TO, Eidsvik J, Ellingsen I, Alver MO, Fragoso GM, Johnsen G, Ludvigsen M, Rajan K. Information-driven robotic sampling in  the coastal ocean Journal Field Robotics.  1–21

Fossum T, Fragoso G, Davies EJ, Ullgren J, Mendes R, Johnsen G, Ellingsen I, Eidsvik J, Ludvigsen M, Rajan K.  Autonomous reconstruction of phytoplankton distributions in the coastal zone. Science Robotics (in press).

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Marit Reigstad
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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