Legacy scientists share their impressions of the changing Arctic in a new British documentary

In a new British documentary, Nansen Legacy scientists Katrine Husum and Geir Wing Gabrielsen from the Norwegian Polar Institute are sharing their impressions of the vast changes in the Arctic ecosystem with Lewis Pugh, who swam one kilometer in sub-zero Arctic waters to draw the World’s attention to the fast loss of Arctic sea ice and ice-connected life.

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TV Documentary: True North

What is a oceanographic mooring? How do these supplement to the time series in the Arctic? How can these help us understand the changes happening when North Atlantic water that flows into the Arctic is warming, melting the sea ice and changing the delicate arctic ecosystems, currents and water masses?

Follow Nansen Legacy researcher, Arild Sundfjord and other members recover A-TWAIN moorings, adding to future time series and knowledge.

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Public meeting: What do the northern seas mean to us as a nation, and to you and me?

The Barents Sea is rich in history, resources and opportunities, but also undergoing a major change. We want a dialogue about what these areas in the north mean to us today and in the future. We welcome you to the discussion.

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