Upcoming events

  • Nansen Legacy Recruit Forum 28 Oct 2021
  • Nansen Legacy / A-TWAIN mooring cruise 6 Nov 2021 – 25 Nov 2021
  • Winter cruise shelf-basin region 10 Feb 2022 – 3 Mar 2022

Recent publications

Zamelczyk K, Fransson A, Chierici M, Jones E, Meilland J, Anglada-Ortiz G, Lødemel HH (2021) Distribution and abundances of planktic foraminifera and shelled pteropods during the Polar Night in the sea-ice covered Northern Barents Sea. Frontiers in Marine Science 8.

Thomas EE, Müller M, Bohlinger P, Batrak Y, Szapiro N (2021) A kilometer-scale coupled atmosphere-wave forecasting system for the European Arctic. Weather and Forecasting.

Dörr J, Årthun M, Eldevik T, Madonna E (2021) Mechanisms of regional winter sea-ice variability in a warming Arctic. Journal of Climate 34: 8635-8653.

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