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Herrmannsdörfer L, Müller M, Shupe MD, Rostosky P (2023) Surface temperature comparison of the Arctic winter MOSAiC observations, ERA5 reanalysis, and MODIS satellite retrieval. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 11(1): 0008.

Boutin G, Ólason E, Rampal P, Regan H, Lique C, Talandier C, Brodeau L, Ricker R (2023) Arctic sea ice mass balance in a new coupled ice–ocean model using a brittle rheology framework. The Cryosphere 17: 617–638.

Nowicki RC, Borgå K, Gabrielsen GW, Varpe Ø (2023) Energy content of krill and amphipods in the Barents Sea from summer to winter: variation across species and size. Polar Biology. 

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