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Nowicki RC, Borgå K, Gabrielsen GW, Varpe Ø (2023) Energy content of krill and amphipods in the Barents Sea from summer to winter: variation across species and size. Polar Biology. 

Ingvaldsen RB, Eriksen E, Gjøsæter H, Engås A, Schuppe BK, Assmann KM, Cannaby H, Dalpadado P, Bluhm BA (2023) Under-ice observations by trawls and multi-frequency acoustics in the Central Arctic Ocean reveals abundance and composition of pelagic fauna. Scientific Reports 13: 1000.

Woollings T, Li C, Drouard M, Dunn-Sigouin E, Elmestekawy KA, Hell M, Hoskins B, Mbengue C, Patterson M, Spengler T (2023) The role of Rossby waves in polar weather and climate. Weather and Climate Dynamics 4: 61-80.

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