Upcoming events

  • Winter process cruise 9 Feb 2021 – 1 Mar 2021
  • Q1 cruise 2 Mar 2021 – 25 Mar 2021

Recent publications

Kohlbach D, Hop H, Wold A, Schmidt K, Smik L, Belt ST, Keck Al-Habahbeh A, Woll M, Graeve M,
Dąbrowska AM, Tatarek A, Atkinson A, Assmy P (2021) Multiple Trophic Markers Trace Dietary
Carbon Sources in Barents Sea Zooplankton During Late Summer. Frontiers in Marine Science 7:

Løken TK, Rabault J, Jensen A, Sutherland G, Christensen KH, Müller M (2021) Wave measurements from ship mounted sensors in the Arctic marginal ice zone. Cold Regions Science and Technology 182: 103207.

Årthun M, Onarheim IH, Dörr J, Eldevik T (2021) The Seasonal and Regional Transition to an Ice-Free Arctic. Geophysical Research Letters 48: e2020GL090825.

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