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Rebault J, Müller M, Voermans J, Brazhnikov D, Marchenko A, Biuw M, Nose, T, Waseda T, Johansson M, Breivik Ø, et al. (2023) A dataset of direct observations of sea ice drift and waves in ice. Scientific Data 10, 251. 

Fransner F, Olsen A, Årthun M, Counillon F, Tjiputra J, Samuelsen A, Keenlyside N (2023) Phytoplankton abundance in the Barents Sea is predictable up to five years in advance. Nature Communications Earth & Environment 4, 141.

Langbehn TJ, Aarflot JM, Freer JJ, Varpe Ø (2023) Visual predation risk and spatial distributions of large Arctic copepods along gradients of sea ice and bottom depth. Limnology and Oceanography. 

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