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  • Nansen Legacy R workshop 20 Jan 2021 – 22 Jan 2021

Recent publications

Dupont,N., Durant, J. M., Langangen, Ø., Gjøsæter, H., Stige, L. C. (2020). Sea ice, temperature, and prey effects on annual variations in mean lengths of a key Arctic fish, Boreogadus saida, in the Barents Sea. ICES Journal of Marine Science

Thingstad, T. F. (2020). How trophic cascades and photic zone nutrient content interact to generate basin-scale differences in the microbial food web. ICES Journal of Marine Science

Koenig, Z., Fer, I., Kolås, E., Fossum, T. O., Norgren, P., Ludvigsen,M. (2020). Observations of turbulence at a near‐surface temperature front in the Arctic Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 125, e2019JC015526.

Siew, P. Y. F., Li, C., Sobolowski, S. P., Kin, M. P. (2020). Intermittency of Arctic–mid-latitude teleconnections-stratospheric pathway between autumn sea ice and the winter North Atlantic Oscillation. Weather and Climate Dynamics, 1: 261–275. doi.org/10.5194/wcd-1-261-2020

Skagseth, Ø., Eldevik, T., Årthun, M., Asbjørnsen, H., Lien, V. S., Smedsrud, L. H. (2020). Reduced efficiency of the Barents Sea cooling machine. Nature Climate Change. doi.org/10.1038/s41558-020-0772-6

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