Allegra Liltved

MSc, Paleoceanography


Allegra studies the natural variability in Atlantic Water inflow properties and heat transport to the Arctic. How do recent changes in ocean heat transport, sea ice, and Atlantification of the Arctic compare to past periods of reduced Arctic Sea Ice? In this project, Allegra utilizes newly recovered sediment cores from the Nansen Legacy paleo cruise to reconstruct past changes in bottom water physical and chemical properties along the inflow pathway of Atlantic water entering the Arctic Ocean. Allegra will generate stable isotope records of benthic foraminifera in order to reconstruct Atlantic water changes through the Holocene and deglaciation.
Supervisors: Ulysses S. Ninnemann (UiB), Nil Irvali (UiB), Eystein Jansen (UiB)

RF1 – Physical drivers