The Nansen Legacy will conduct a detailed end-to-end investigation – from physics to fisheries – along the climatic gradient from an Atlantic to an Arctic marine environment and ecosystem.

To enable both disciplinary expertise and integrative focus, the project is organized and coordinated through four clearly defined Research Foci (RFs) which are conducted and integrated through four cross cutting Research Activities (RAs)Research Activities (RAs) realize and sustain the RFs, and explicitly take the Nansen Legacy into public domain. The different RAs will have activities that align and synergize the Research Foci in different ways.

Primary output of the Nansen Legacy’s investigation, is to contribute with highlight key results and new understanding. The progress and the science generated will be published  here through in peer-reviewed journals additionally we will be keeping up-to-date with scientific cruises, which are essential to collect data on changes in the Arctic Ocean.