Physical process cruise

Nansen Legacy cruise number: 04

Cruise name: Physical process cruise

Cruise leaders: Ilker Fer (UiB) and Frank Nielsen (UNIS)

Duration: 12. – 24. September 2018

Ship: R/V Kronprins Haakon 

Short description:

The cruise addressed objectives of work package ‘Physical drivers’ (RF1). The cruise focused on the deployment of oceanographic moorings and gliders, and used AUV, a remotely piloted unmanned aircraft, and controlled meteorological balloons for measurements. Wave sensors were deployed at ice floes from the outer ice edge deeper into the pack ice. In addition, ship-mounted instruments were used to collect underway information on ocean stratification, currents, and microstructure profiles along selected transects across the north Spitsbergen shelf and slope.

Physical process cruise


Project Leader
Marit Reigstad
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Media contact

For general inquiries please contact Amalie Kvame Holm, The Norwegian Meteorological Institute:
Mobile: +47 976 65 884

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