Tove Gabrielsen

Leader Data management and synthesis
The University Centre in Svalbard

Adjunct professor

Tove Gabrielsen is leader of the work package ‘Data management and synthesis’. Gabrielsen is a marine ecologist aiming to increase our understanding of the evolutionary processes responsible for the ecological variability that we see in Arctic marine communities focusing on marine protists. She has a strong field component to all her research with 10 years of experience with sampling in Svalbard waters. The use of molecular tools to answer questions in marine ecology is essential to her research. Her current focus is on the temporal variability and function of marine protists in the highly seasonal Arctic environment. These interests have led her (along with UNIS colleagues) to establish a time-series station for regular sampling of the pelagic communities in Isfjorden (the IsA time series station), and furthermore to an improved management of the combined oceanographic and biological data collected.