Matthias Forwick

Leader Data collection and infrastructure
UiT - The Arctic University of Norway


Matthias Forwick is leader of the work package ‘Data collection and infrastructure’. Forwick’s main research activity is the study of sedimentary processes to reconstruct palaeo-environments on glaciated continental margins, using swath bathymetry, high-resolution seismic data, as well as multi-proxy analyses of sediment cores. Main objectives include the reconstruction of glacial activity (ice-sheet dynamics and ice rafting) and slope stability. Study areas are fjords and continental margins of Svalbard, northern Norway, East Greenland; the Nordic Seas; the Arctic Ocean; the Gulf of Alaska, as well as the Amundsen and Weddell Seas.


Project Leader
Marit Reigstad
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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For general inquiries please contact Amalie Kvame Holm, The Norwegian Meteorological Institute:
Mobile: +47 976 65 884

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