Geir Johnsen

Co-leader Impact and legacy
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Geir Johnsen is co-leader of the work package ‘Impact and legacy’.  Johnsen's main interest are marine ecology and biodiversity, bio-optics, micro-macroalgal photosynthesis, pigment chemotaxonomy, underwater robotics and sensor development for in situ identification, mapping and monitoring of bio-geo-chemical objects of interest in the marine environment. Currently, Johnsen’s emphasis lies on polar night biology (photo-biology), macroalgae, benthos and zooplankton (incl. larvae) in the Arctic. Using enabling technology (new underwater robots and sensors) in marine science is core activity to gain a better knowledge-based natural resource management and decision making.


Project Leader
Marit Reigstad
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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For general inquiries please contact Amalie Kvame Holm, The Norwegian Meteorological Institute:
Mobile: +47 976 65 884

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