Data management and synthesis

The Nansen Legacy collects a wide range of data, including biological information on species in the water masses, and physical, chemical and dynamical features of the ocean, the atmosphere and the cryosphere. 

The Nansen Legacy further gathers and makes available existing data collected from monitoring programs and research projects focused on the Barents Sea ecosystem over the past decades. Some of these data are fundamental as reference conditions to assess change. In cases where such data are not already in repositories, attempts are made to rescue them and make them available as part of the legacy of the project. Joint data rescue efforts with Russian colleagues focusing on oceanographic and atmospheric data from the Barents Sea and Franz Josef Land respectively are also undertaken. Relevant information held in national and international catalogues, like WMO GTS, Norwegian Meteorological Institute/Arctic Data Centre, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norwegian Marine Data Centre, etc will be made searchable in the same catalogue.

The Nansen Legacy works on improving, securing and operationalizating national data archives and ensure data availability in accordance with national and international standards. A distributed data management system, where physically distributed data repositories are forming a virtual data center with seamless access to datasets regardless of physical location, supports the project by:

  • Unified data discovery through standardized discovery metadata indexed in the SIOS
  • Data Management System
  • Online access to datasets
  • Visualization of datasetts
  • Combination of datasetts