For you and me

Little Auks (Photo: Ann E. Lennert).

The Nansen Legacy proudly picks up the threads of a past polar explorer, Fridtjof Nansen, his philosophies of interdisciplinary and pioneering research.  Not at least, his passion for ice and stories hidden beneath and above. Following the foundation he has left behind, we will together explore, experimentalize, learn, understand and share, our knowledge of climate and environments of our Arctic regions.

It constitutes an integrated Arctic perspective on climate and ecosystem change, -from physical processes to living resources and from understanding the past to predict the future. A changing Arctic ecosystem, climate and environment, is placing the region into the arena for economic growth. Therefore, it is important to understand how natural and human impacts interplay in a time of change and how we can develop a sustainable management for the future, the future of you and me.

Knowledge gaps and challenges

It is important to be able to find and fill the knowledge gaps and research challenges looking at the;

Natural impacts on the Arctic marine ecosystem, from the physical environment, through varying weather, ocean currents, ice cover and climate, including variations linked to global warming.

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(Photo: Ingrid Wiedmann)

The more direct local human impacts on the environment in the Barents Sea.

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(Photo: Ann E. Lennert)

These natural and human influences cause changes in the living Barents Sea and its ecosystem and adds to its own intrinsic dynamics, like the ice pulsing below.

And the predictive capabilities and constrains for future climate and ecosystem scenarios.

Thus, this homepage presents the Nansen Legacy project. The project constitutes an integrated Arctic perspective on climate and ecosystem change—from physical processes to living resources and from understanding the past to predicting the future.

Most importantly, this homepage also adds a human dimension to research. It engages, educate and kindle the curiosity of not only researchers  and  stakeholders, but you and me.

We wish to present research in a new and interactive manner.

Apart from presenting the research and achieved results, podcasts, films, education material, gaming, storymapping and much more will be added as this project proceeds .

So please explore, engage and set your fingerprint on future research and a sustainable Arctic.