Are you interested in joining a research cruise?

A large part of the research activity in the Nansen Legacy projects happens on board research vessels in the Barents sea. Participating on such a research cruise might be of interest to the media, artists and other creatives. The project welcomes such requests but would require an agreement to ensure both parties benefit from your participation.

Worth noting is the cost and  duration of a research cruise, they often stay at sea for several weeks. We therefore have limited spots available and will evaluate external participation accordingly. You will have to cover your own travel expenses, security course, insurance and health declaration.

Please get in touch if you are involved in an interesting project where access to the Arctic or researchers doing field work is crucial. We would welcome a short description of who you are, your project and how and where you intend to publish your content.

Cecilie Mauritzen, researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, coordinates the participation of external participants on the cruises:

Cruise plan 2018