Nansen Legacy met US research communities

The Nansen Legacy project was presented on two events in Washington DC recently, as an initiative to open for potential collaboration across the Arctic Ocean. The Nansen Legacy PI and co-PI Profs. Marit Reigstad and Tor Eldevik, together with the deputy leader of the Nansen Legacy Board Prof. Nils Chr. Stenseth, crossed the Atlantic Ocean to present the project and meet with relevant colleagues and US science administrators.

The Norwegian Embassy in Washington co-hosted an evening reception on the conference The effects of climate change on the world´s oceans, where the Dr.  Jason Link (NOAA) welcomed the Norwegian Ambassador Kåre Ås in front of the ~600 conference participants. The Ambassador draw lines from Nansens and Amundsens Arctic explorations and opened for a presentation of the new Norwegian Arctic Science project, the Nansen Legacy.

To facilitate a dialogue between the Nansen Legacy Project and US Arctic science administrators, the National Academies of Sciences in US and Norway had invited to a meeting where the topics and possibilities for collaborative initiatives and potential synergies were discussed  based on a presentation of the project. Several fields of interest were identified for follow up- activities within mobility, comparative studies and potential collaboration on existing projects.

The arrangements were initiated and organized by Alf Håkon Hoel at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, assisted by Lea Bjørgul.