New opportunities to join the Nansen Legacy group

PhD fellow in dynamic modelling of food webs in the Barents Sea at the Institute of Marine Research -deadline 15.02.2018

The principal area of research for the current and exciting PhD position is to explore the plausible future dynamics of the Barents Sea ecosystem under climate and fishing pressures. The work will be conducted as part of the national research project the Nansen Legacy.

DSC_0144 (2)
(Photo Valentina Lanci)

The PhD will contribute to the development and application of robust tools to explore plausible responses of the Barents Sea food web to climate/fisheries scenarios. The PhD work will be organised around three main axes: model developments, model evaluation methods and forward simulations.

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UNIS is seeking a Research fellow (PhD) in marine ecology -deadline 08.03.2018

The department of Arctic Biology at UNIS seeks candidates for a PhD position in marine ecology. As part of the Nansen Legacy, the PhD will be in the work package investigating how human activities influence the northern Barents Sea ecosystem. The project investigates the interactions between climate change and pollution in a highly seasonal marine ecosystem and combines knowledge from ecotoxicology, physiology, ecology, and evolution. The successful candidate will design and conduct extensive field studies, analyse dietary descriptors and individual body states, deal with datasets, and apply models.