Opportunities to join the Nansen Legacy group

Chief engineer within the Nansen Legacy’s logistics team – deadline 24.06.18

There is a vacancy for an engineer position at the Department of Geology, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.

The chief engineer will be part of the logistic team within The Nansen Legacy. The central task will be assisting the cruise leaders in planning and carrying out shipments before and after scientific cruises with the new Norwegian icebreaker “Kronprins Haakon”. Other tasks will be to order and purchase scientfic instrumentation and consumables, shipment of equipment, and work with freight papers and temporary re-entry of equipment.

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PhD Candidate in Optical Remote Sensing for Water Quality Parameter Retrieval – deadline 28.06.18

The Department of Physics and Technology announces a vacant PhD Candidate position in the area of optical remote sensing for water quality parameter retrieval at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Science and Technology.

The position is affiliated with the Nansen Legacy, and shall investigate and develop algorithms for retrieval of geophysical and biochemical variables in the Barents Sea from multispectral (and hyper-spectral, if available) optical sensors. The candidate will be involved in collecting satellite data and coincident in-situ datasets, which include measurements of water quality parameters (such as chlorophyll-a, colored dissolved organic matter, and total suspended matter), and radiometric measurements of incoming irradiance and water leaving radiance.

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