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We have 3 positions out now!

DEADLINE PAST -PhD fellowship position in fish genomics/population genomics at Oslo University and  UiT  -deadline 11.01.2018

A three-year PhD fellowship position in fish genomics/population genomics is available at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), in collaboration with UiT the Arctic University of Norway.


Here you have the chance to work interdisciplinary within the assigned sub-project “Climate change and fisheries: Spatial, environmental variables and genomics” – with the overarching goal to implement and use genomic data into population dynamic models. Research questions will focus on how adaptation to the environment shapes the spatiotemporal dispersal and genetic connectivity of key ecosystem fish species in the northern Barents Sea, i.e. the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), the polar cod (Boreogadus saida) and the capelin (Mallotus villosus).

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DEADLINE PAST – Head engineer – data management at UNIS –deadline 12.01.18

Measuring oceanographic settings

Here you get to work closely with scientists at UNIS to develop data management solutions tailored to their needs as well as the needs of the research project “The Nansen Legacy”. This involves data structuring, documentation and standardization, database development, and metadata management. Facilitation of data exchange and data access through external systems will be an important task.

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DEADLINE PAST –2-year research position with the possibility for extension in coupling numerical prediction systems for the Arctic at MET -deadline 14.01.18

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) now has a 2-year research position for the development of an operational coupled Arctic regional weather forecast system.

Photo: Arthur Johansen

The main area of work will be to establish and implement a coupling framework for MET Norway’s Arctic atmosphere, wave, ocean and sea-ice numerical prediction systems. The work is funded by the Nansen Legacy work package “The future Barents Sea”, where improving the representation of physical processes in Arctic prediction systems is a fundamental aim. It will include modelling studies in combination with observations taken as part of the Nansen Legacy field work and other international initiatives. The main focus will be on physical processes in the coupled atmosphere, ocean, waves and sea ice system with the ultimate goal to improve the predictability of Arctic extreme weather, waves and sea-ice edge.

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PhD Research Fellowship in Ecotoxicology at Oslo University -deadline 21.01.2018

A 3(4)-year position as a PhD Research fellow (SKO 1017) in ecotoxicology is available at Section for Aquatic Biology and Toxicology (AQUA)Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo (UiO).

As part of the Nansen Legacy, the available PhD is within the subproject “Pollution: effects of changes in species composition and distribution on contaminant accumulation in marine food webs”. The Arctic is susceptible to local pollution from petroleum activities and shipping, as well as long-range transported pollutants (e.g., persistent organic pollutants, metals, and emerging contaminants). Changes in water temperature and distribution and thickness of sea ice are expected to change energy and contaminant transfer processes in the food web. Zooplankton and fish samples will be collected seasonally during the Nansen Legacy cruises. From these, chemicals and dietary descriptors will be analysed to investigate how seasonality in energy acquisition and allocation affects the annual dynamics of contaminant accumulation and transfer in the food web.

Photo: Danny Hitchcock

The project combines knowledge from ecotoxicology, ecology, and environmental chemistry. The successful candidate will design and conduct extensive field studies, analyze contaminants and dietary descriptors, and deal with large datasets.

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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Ecotoxicology at Oslo University -deadline 01.02.2018  

A three year position as a postdoctoral research fellow in ecotoxicology is available at the Section for Aquatic Biology and Toxicology (AQUA), Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo (UiO).

This exciting PhD is within the subproject “Multiple stressors and sub-lethal effects of oil and contaminants in the northern Barents Sea zooplankton and fish”. This subproject comprises two main activities: i) to investigate how key Arctic zooplankton respond to multiple stressors, combinations of ocean acidification, temperature and oil components; the targeted responses are sub-lethal effects on physiology (respiration), oxidative stress coupled with membrane integrity and DNA strand breaks, as well as energy allocation, and ii) to identify sensitive life stages of Calanus sp. and ecologically relevant fish species using effect endpoints, including short-term exposure studies with Calanus sp. and cells or tissue slices from fish (lymphocytes, hepatocytes, liver slices). Sub-lethal endpoints will include biotransformation capacity and oxidative stress coupled with membrane integrity and DNA strand breaks. Exposure will be assessed using analyses of bile PAH metabolites (fish) and bioaccumulation (zooplankton).

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