Sebastian Gerland

Project co-leader
Norwegian Polar Institute

Senior research scientist

Sebastian Gerland is one of the two co-leaders of the Nansen Legacy. Gerland is currently working with research and monitoring of sea ice geophysics in the context of Arctic climate research. He is leading and participating in national and international research projects funded by the  Norwegian Polar Institute (e.g. N-ICE2015, longterm sea ice monitoring Fram Strait, Svalbard), the Research Council of Norway (e.g. CORESAT, STASIS, CIRFA-SFI), the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ID Arctic), the EU (ICE-ARC), and the European Space Agency (SMOSIce, CryoSat-2 CVRT). Gerland is also active in climate assessments (currently Arctic Council/AMAP SWIPA follow up, NOAA Arctic report card).